Waimea Hikes, past and present

2010 Kalaheʻe - Kamananui loop

Waimea Falls, from South Ridge Hikers gathering
Another shot of Waimea Falls Approaching top of Kalaheʻe
The one and only stream crossing, September 2009 Ditto, different hikers
Same stream crossing, two more people On the ridge
Some Drum Road hikers, October 2007 Lots of hikers on the ridge
Up North Valley, May 2009 Through the ulu paina
Oasis! Ditto, different hiker
Down South Valley, May 2009 Down South Valley, October 2010
Another South Valley stream crossing No rush, we'll all get there
The old swimming hole Ye olde swimming hole
Stone thingamajig GPS track
The uphill part, 3 Feb 10

Two Ridges Hike 2013-06-19

To Middle Ridge (aka "North Ridge," Kalaheʻe)
Plants not in John's book #1 Starting along South Ridge
Plants not in John's book #1a North ridge makai, North ridge mauka
Plants not in John's book #2 Spas,
Something else not in John's book! Tower pole, Arrow (missing)
Amazing Bonus! The 12 Kamananui Stream crossings! Picnic table #1,Picnic table #2,
Maps and elevation-distance time-distance profiles

Some stuff from Cattle Chute hikes

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This is an attempted panorama of North (Kalaheʻe) Ridge as seen from South Ridge.The trek down it as a return route starts at the very right edge and continues until near the left.