Olomana Hope hikes, over the years

Starters, September 2009 and April 2002 Here is the hike area as seen from the Ko`olau summit

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A personal account of the September 2009 hike
Map and elevation profile of 2010
Google map comparing routes of 2012 and 2013
And yet another, looking at six routes, 2008 to 2014
Account of a hunt for an alternate trail
The Rock
The Rock again
Olomana Peak 3, 2008
Peak 3, 2013
Peak 3, 2013 enhanced?
What it takes to get there
The original view
The view, scraped off!
View along Anianinui Ridge
At one of the old lunch spots
Panorama, oceanside
The Pipe
Fungus amungus
Using an alternate (bike) trail 2015