The blue line shows the route in 2012, except where my GPS battery failed somewhere along the non-shortcut route. Click on the red "Olomanahope" to show the blue line clearly.

Thinking I had GPS-tracked this hike quite adequately in recent years, I didn't turn my GPS on in 2013 (red line; click off the blue for a clear view) until we reached the totally unfamiliar torn-up area.

I missed turns at least three times in 2013! The first time shows as a little, slightly doubled, loop dangling from the trail up at the top. There were about three folk following me; when I was sure I was on the wrong ridge I went back to make sure they quit following, but I had the dopey idea that maybe I could go down the wrong ridge and follow a valley up to where the right ridge started up Olomana Hope. How wrong I was is more clearly seen in a topo map; I recommend "US topo+relief (CalTopo)," which you can select from the map menu above the "Tracks:" box. "Yahoo hybrid" is also a nice map. I ended up crossing the valley between the wrong ridge and the right ridge, not realizing how close I was to where I had made the wrong turn.

My next error was missing the standard way up to Hope, turning left on the equestrian route instead. That shows clearly if both tracks are visible.

Next I missed a subtle turn to the right, making a subtle one to the left instead, on the way down from Anianinui Ridge not far from the juncture of "short cut" and "Ololmana Hope hike" (as kindly marked on ribbons by Joe). This shows as a very short dip on the red trail.

I'm not sure why there is a bit a squiggle a little short of half-way along the short cut to where we meet Maunawili Demonstration Trail. That's about where I took the photos of the fungus...

A group of us returned along the main equestrian trail instead of on the streets. Where the blue and red lines diverge on that part is not wrong turns, but short cuts I was trying out for fun.