Pahole Natural Area Reserve (NAR)

2011-01-19 2012-08-08
End of long drive Where'd they go?
Gathering at trailhead Down the road
Campground sign There they are
Uphill trudge Must be a nice view
Getting to the real trail head How to get wherever
Hunters' shelter Inside, looking out
Trail sign post On the real trail
A steep part Ka`ala from the lunch spot_____
View of North Shore Nice fence
Mouth of Makua Valley Getting there?
Longer view of Makua Valley The "hunters' shelter"
Snag Ditto, but closer
Nike installation Everyone accounted for
Closer look at the Nike installation Riding out
Toward Kuaokalā Two Google maps in one
Mt. Ka`ala Profiles compared
Valley view near lunch stop
Lunch over
Yet another uphill
Topping it off
What goes up ...
Steep downhill
The Nike installation, up close
Kaua`i? Surely not
Road sign
Back at the trail head
NAR track
NAR plus Keālia
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