Waimano Area Hikes

Hikes in Waimano generally start with one or the other of two trails heading left from the path outside the property fence. The first one is soon reached; it heads down into the valley where there is a stream and pools. Eventually one can follow this trail up to meet with the second trail.

The second trail starts quite a long way up that depressing fence path, then becomes a fairly nice contour trail up the valley. After a while one comes to a hiker's sign directing one to ignore the trail that continues straight ahead, but to drop down and cross what could be a bit of a stream. Then one climbs to a saddle on a long ridge; at the saddle is a "Boy Scout" shelter, a table under a roof.

Most hikers go down the other side of the ridge, and head towards the Ko`olau summit. If they left early enough and/or are fast enough, they can reach the summit and return. Others can turn around when they run short on time.

Another option, shown in "A Variant," follows the ridge behind the so-called "Boy Scout" shelter.

Another variant ignores the sign pointing towards the Boy Scount shelter and Waimano Ridge trail proper, and takes the straight ahead trail, probably connecting sooner or later with a section of Halapepenui.

A bunch of us took a recently extended trail starting at the first trail, heading down into the valley; it too eventually joins the upper trail but much farther along than the first possible connection.
A variant
Halapepenui variant
Extended valley trek
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