The earlier people to the trail head, 2009. We actually started with perhaps twice this many.

Hiking Waimalu (aka McCandless) Ditch, Photos from 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011 and a 2014 special

(Sometimes called Onikiniki, which starts same place, but is somehow different)

Early comers 2009, closer up Who came back in 2011? An Ōnikiniki Adventure, 2014
Along the padded contour, 2011 Further along, 2011
Not all padded nicely(2011) But just as bad in 2009
Apologies to Hideo and John No contour this!
Made it! More reach the top
Later, way after lunch, on the return trail On the 2010 version, this trail was the way out and back
Almost back No bears, I'm told
Here either, I hope Contour trail in a drier year
The major stream crossing Lunch, 2008
Lunch #1, 2010 Lunch #3, 2010
Coming back from lunch #3, 2010 Hau nau braun kau?
Heading home, 2011 Hurrying home, 2011
A view we somehow didn't get in 2009 Some GPS data
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