Some Photos from the Kolowalu-Wa`ahila Ridge hike, 2009, 2010, 2013, and a Unique Hike 2014
The hike before the hike
And still they come!
In 2014, too
Could have been a good picture, but ...
Camera was out of breath already?
An early view from the ridge
The last downhill, before the helipad(?) lunch spot
Zoom in on that minor peak
Where Kelvin and I turned back
Back wall of Kaʻau Crater
Famous photographer shoots cloud
After lunch, no where to go but down
Could have been much more slippery
Trail broke
Trail next ridge
More neighbor trail
New highway?
Heading down and out
Google map, etc.
Pu`u Pia bridge
Pu`u Pia decoration
NOT end of trail
Pu`u Pia from Kolowalu
Track Map, etc., of Unique Pu`u Pia - Kolowalu Hike
Diamond Head (aka Kaimana Hila aka Lēʻahi) from lunch spot A panorama from Pu`u Pia
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A wide shot (broken slightly) from way up the ridge, part 1
Ditto, part 2. All these photos had blackened upper left and lower right corners, for some reason!