Keālia and Kuaokalā--May 2010, Oct 2009 and earlier. And later!

Photos in wildly random order, space-wise and time-wise

2014 #1
2014 #2
2014 #3
2014 #4
A bunch of little photos from 2003
The 2014 version of the pond
Hikers approaching one switchback
Neat rock
Heading for kuaokalā
Lunch spot ahead?
Kuaokalā roadway
Kuaokalā again
Kuaokalā yet again
Lunch time January 2008
Lunch time October 2010
One view from lunch spot
Another view from lunch spot (2010-05)
Another look ahead (2010-10)
Side ridge
View from side ridge.
Backward hikers
Heading back
Almost back
Hike over, for some (2010-10)
Hikers on switchbacks (2010-10)
One more
One we hadn't seen!
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GPS stuff
Kelvin's version of GPS stuff
Maps of four variants, including 2014
A panorama from a fairly early part of the October 2009 hike.