Some Photos From Kahana Valley, 2009-07-22 and 2010-06-09
Plus some 2013 and 2014

We're off to see the Kahana (2009). Even in Kahana Valley one can get wet feet!
How much farther till lunch? (2009) Believe it or not!
Heading out Nakoa Trail (2010) 2013 crossing
Major intersection How many Solemates hikes stop here? (2009)
No one home? Lunch there, 2010
There's somebody Lunch spot
Natural ladder? (2009) The way back, 2009
Near the end of the first loop (2009) What's the tree doing in the trail?
Sidestream (2013) Just can't keep our feet dry!
Stream below (2013) Another look at the dam
Stream to stream (2013) Dam deep! (2013)
A glance at the nice stream to be waded (2010) Swimmer (2013)
Stream to stream (2013) Pu`u Ohulehule
A glance at the nice stream to be waded (2010) Trail map
Delicious when ripe! (2009) GPS tracks and profiles
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