Pauoa Woods hikes 2009-10-21

I've called this album "Pauoa Woods hikes" (plural) because there were several options.
Always, of course, is the go-as-far-as-you-want-and-turn-around option.
The other options were to go out to Nuʻuanu Lookout or turn left on the Nuʻuanu Judd trail.
For those who went to the Lookout, the options were to retrace to the start of the Nuʻuanu-Judd trail
and follow it to a suitable lunch spot, or to take the ridge route almost to the lunch spot.
From the lunch spot, again two options: retrace Nuʻuanu-Judd to Kalāwahine and back to the cars,
or do the loop on down the ridge and up the valley.
I was with one of the groups who took the Lookout-Ridge-More ridge and valley option,
but managed to get some pictures of the other options.
Kelvin got some really fine pictures of this hike. Don't miss them.
And we're off
Nuʻuanu Lookout
Start of the ridge trail
Man at Nuʻuanu Lookout
Look, up in the sky! Not a bird, not a plane, ...
Bumps on the ridge
First and second tries at Toyoko and Shirley
Now I got 'em!
Too late!
A bit of a climb
The Other Side
Puʻu ʻŌhiʻa
Three flowers
Looping back
GPS track of this hike
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