"Lanipo" hike, 2009-04-15 and 2015-01-07

This hike is called Lanipō, but in all the years I have done the hike only twice have I known people to turn towards Lanipō itself after once reaching the Ko`olau summit. The first time was 1999-11-03, my first hike up there. Five of us reached the Ko`olau summit. I needed to do something that required a bit of time and meanwhile the four others pushed off towards Lanipō proper; according to the write-up (available on request) they all made it. I started after them as soon as I was ready, but by then they were out of sight, and I was very impressed with the view of Waimanalo almost directly below me; I chickened out and just waited for them to come back.
In 2009, another hiker and I decided to give it a try, but the clouds and the brush were thick and we gave up probably not halfway there. I did lose my back-up pair of prescription glasses, dangling on my chest, to the brush. Reward if you find them.

The photo to the left, expandible for legibility, shows my guesses as to where we and it were in 2009.
Starting out
Palolo Valley
Moving on
Way down
Closer look
Getting down
Zoomed in
The bench
Look back
Look back again
Palolo cascade
Bench again
Down again
GPS stuff
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