Kūlepeamoa, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

Curiously, Bryan's Sectional Maps, Google Maps, US National Atlas, and a number of other maps (google "kulepiamoa") call the ridge in question "Kūlepiamoa." One wonders where that got its start; it sounds like a "haole" pronunciation.
USGS maps and Pukui, Elbert and Mookini, Place Names of Hawai, make it a more reasonable "Kūlepeamoa." More reasonable in that "lepe" = "rooster comb" is otherwise Hawaiian while "lepi" is not.
Almost up the steep part, 2010
The top, 2010
Fairly early along the ridge, 2007
Neat backpack, 2007
Steep part, 2008 version
Starting across the summit ridge
Continuing along the ridge
The usual lunch/turn-around spot
Kulepeamoa Loops, tracked
Two 2010 elevation/distance profiles
Panorama try
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