Hiking Kualoa Ranch, 2007, 2009, 2010 and 2012

Signing in, 2012 Starting out, 2007
Starting out, 2009 Starting out, 2012
On the right trail, at last First regathering point
2012 version 2007 version
Zoom test #1 Man and fish pond
Fish pond 2012 Things at fish pond
Gathering for story Still gathering
Storied stone It's a jungle out there!
Second gathering point Getting spread out
Getting less spread out Tree that may have a funny name
Getting there! Lunch!
Ka`a`awa Valley Da kine kine (pun intended)
New movie set Usual lunch spot, 2009
Old lunch spot, 2012 Hikers coming to old lunch spot
Next year's goal? Zoom test #2
Same oddity, from behind End of the valley, almost
A secret no more? Other goings on
People back on saddle Windtalkers
A bunch of GPS stuff
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Hideo (would you have recognized him?) enjoys one of the hike views.