Some Photos from the Kaunala trail, 2009-07-08
"Unala" is purportedly a metathesis of "ulana" = 'plait, braid.' Why would this area have that name?
Judith and ? reach the bridge
Lone hiker on Kaunala
By golly, I think it's Chet!
Here come Janice and Carol, and Chet is catching up
The same, a bit closer
Paul has reached the short/long loop option
So have Tina, Betty, Tom, and David
What do Paul and Miles see?
A view of the Waiʻanaes
A view of the woods along the trail
The Waimea "connection"
Track on topo map, and elevation/distance and time profiles
Here are some photos from the HTMC version, 2010-04-10
And here are eight photos from the 2012 hike, plus an active map;
you will have to step through
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