Hiking on and around Hawaii Loa
There are a number of hikes and variations in this area. One is just straight Hawaii Loa Ridge to(ward) the summit and back--pictures here from a trip to the summit 2001-12-26--which has become a bit problematic with the increased number of hikers, because of a lack of parking at the trail-head parking lot. Another option is to start from Niu Valley, hike up Kūlepeamoa to the Koʻolau Summit, and cross over, down Hawaii Loa to either of two trails back down to Niu Valley.
A third option is to hike up Niu Valley to one or the other of the trails mentioned and climb up to the ridge, following the ridge as one pleases, and come back down either of the trails. Our group first did this hike 2000-04-12; three of us crossed along the summit and came down Kūlepeamoa.
I have just a few photos and maps of Kūlepeamoa in this album.
For pictures and maps of the hikes described above, go here.