Hau`ula hikes, mixtures

2007-08-01, 2009-06-24, 2009-11-25 & 2010-09-01

Added, at front, six pictures and some GPS stuff from 2012-11-21

Rainy start November 2012 Starting "Double Loop" November 2012
Continuing, November 2012 Single loopers, November 2012
But who? November 2012 "Hand of God" tree, November 2012
Double Loop Google map Double Loop elevation/distance & elevation/time profiles
Parking, November 2009 John getting ahead, November
Coming through the gate, November In case you couldn't see who that was
On trail, August '07 On trail, September 1010
Still on trail, September '10 Looking back, June '09
Name the hiker Lunch spot (Papali), June '09
Lunch spot (Papali), September '10 Not squeed
Not pineapple Rock wall (Papali looop), June '09
Rock wall, zoomed Decisions, decisions! (Double Loop, Nov. '09)
Latecomers (Double Loop, Nov. '09) Hikers coming back (Papali)
GPS stuff
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Yet another view of the ocean from a hike.
Funny thing about O`ahu is, no matter which side of it you look from, it's always the Pacific Ocean. Different from the mainland, where different sides open on different oceans. Isn't that amazing?