This is my very (i.e. more than "rather"
but less than "extremely")
own web site
Always a wannabee...

Feel free to contact me
but be aware that I might post anything you write on one of these pages--or I might choose not to.

... great runner

... great scholar

... great hiker

... great artist

... whatever

Petty peeves 'n li' dat

Stopping for lunch in Wahiawā Hills


This is the third time I've started to create a web page.
Maybe I'll really get it done this time.

Personal web pages may be passť now, what with blogs and FaceBook and Twitter. But I'm going to do it anyway. It's an ego trip, for sure. A chance to reminisce, and to brag, to the extent I have anything to brag about. I don't really expect anyone to read it but me, anyway, although I guess I might start linking it in some of my e-mail/Usenet signatures.

I'll have a number of sections. I started with one about running--racing--mainly because I happen to have written up a couple of running stories (a 36-mile race, and a composite triathlon) years ago for other purposes.

I've started a page on hiking (this first version of my home page also starts out with a hiking photo in what I intend to make a central photo spot on each main page--so far, pictures of me), and I'll have one on my educational and teaching career (stay tuned for a thrilling CV). I may have a separate one on Japanese language matters, unless I decide to put that in the career one. We'll see how it turns out.

It'll pretty much end up as my autobiography, I suspect...