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Wailupeloop (red, 2011-03-30) was a loop straight up the west ridge in Wailupe Valley, across the Koʻlau summit to the top of Wiliwilinui, then down to drop into the valley and out. For photos of this route, see Wailupe (yellow) below and the later photos in Middle Ridge Loop (green).

wailupe (yellow, 2010-03-17) was potentially the same hike, but I quit without reaching the summit. I had got behind by starting up about a third of the way to Wiliwilinui, by mistake? I can't remember. Nine photos here.

Middle Ridge Loop (green, 2012-02-01) is an alternate Wailupe--Wiliwilinui loop hike. One gets to middle ridge by heading east on a clearly- marked junction fairly early on the main Wailupe trail. For ten photos, click here.

wailupewiliwilinui (blue, 2013-01-16) is a shorter hike, with only the uphill from the valley westward to Wiliwilinui Ridge. I apparently wandered a bit into Kalani Highlands before retracing my steps. A point of potential interest: on my way to the turn-off up to the ridge I made a mistake and went briefly up another trail. To do this hike, don't take the trail heading left before the main trail turns down to the right.

Wailupe Valley (purple, 2014-01-22), another short, but not necessarily always easy, hike up the stream to a small waterfall; I was told there is a better waterfall beyond, if conditions allow climbing past this one, but too wet this day. There are six photos taken on this hike here .

POI030 is the juncture of the trail up from Wailupe Valley and Wiliwilinui Ridge trail, as well as approximately the juncture with one end of Kalani Highlands trails. POI064 is the start of the real WiliWilinui Ridge trail, where it heads up some steps at the end of the road, just past a swing.