Kalani Ridge Hike, 20 Jan 09
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A block or so from my apartment lies what I suppose must be Kalani Ridge, bare and devoid of houses. Until now (September 2011) I have been calling it Waiʻalae Iki, apparently confused by a topo map I visited. I used to think it might be a good way to get to the Maunawili hike--start out an hour early, maybe, and meet the group along the trail somewhere.
On a morning run late last year I ran around the end of it on the highway, and up the street going past Kalani High School, but failed to find access. Another morning I simply ran to the end of Malie, and found a ribboned trail leading up from the parking/turn around area at the end. I hiked up (running shoes and shorts, no shirt, no water), and found indications that there was or had been a trail up the ridge, which I was not prepared to follow that day.
But in January 2009 I got a bunch of explorers together, and we followed the ridge to the Kalani Highlands Loop trail.
An hour early start wouldn't get one to Maunawili before the main group had long gone by.

Note: I had referred to this ridge as "Waiʻalae Iki," mostly based on the topo maps. But Place Names in Hawai`i says that what used to be called Wiliwilinui Ridge is now Wai`alae Iki, and googling "waialae iki" brings up a lot of real estate stuff about the community on the hill. So I suppose this could be referred to as "the ridge between Kapakahi Gulch and Kalani Valley," and I am currently guessing it is "Kalani Ridge."
This map shows the current hike. The track is off a few meters to the left; there were points where I was slightly Kokohead of the ridge summit. And we went over the middle of at least the first peak. This map relates this hike to the Kalani Highlands trail. Again, one must ignore where my GPS lost its head toward the end of that hike.

Paul heading up
toward ridge from
I got ahead of him First part of ridge
looking makai
Diamond Head and
Kahala area
Wai`alae Kahala Here come Joe and Ruby
Dusty heading mauka Ditto A typical section of trail Peter improving trail Upper `Âina Koa? Peter never gives up
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