This one of's terrific maps, Google by default; zoom in or out, change map type, whatever. (The Google map that comes up first has a terrible shadow over the portion of greatest interest; I recommend US topo+relief or Yahoo aerial.)

You can select tracks from the (moveable) track list by clicking on the names you don't want. See below the map for information about the individual tracks.

Palm-Iliahi (red): The explorers decided to try to find the best way between `Iliahi and Palm by starting in the valley and climbing out. It more or less worked; by the time we got to the ridge top, we found an old hunters' trail going down and would investigate it soon.
iliahi2palmmaybe (orange): Back in 2008, a few of us started looking for ways down to "Palm Valley." Apparently we gave up on this attempt--the track shows we returned before dropping all the way down, but I think this was later one of our successful routes.
Iliahiexploreedit (yellow green): Just `Iliahi, with third crossover return to Manana and out.
Iliahi-Palm (green): Testing out the new trail. I made a wrong turn from the lunch tree, ended up the rocky stream. The blue track is correct.
ilipalmfull (blue-green): Wai`anae Steve and I took the third crossover to `Iliahi from Manana, and a trail down to Palm, which we followed out.
`Ili-palm Soles (light blue): The hike we did on the day noted (except it would be a big job to change "-090-11" to "-09-11"). I tracked only from the lunch tree (going out the right way) to the top of the road coming back out.
iliahipalmexplore (dark blue): Our first try to find a way down to Palm. Instead of making a left turn in the middle of the first side ridge, we followed it to the end, then down. It didn't seem like that good a route.
mananailiahi (purple): Another non-Palm hike, `Iliahi and the first crossover/bailout to Manana.