Olomana with HTMC

I have hiked up Olomana three times before, I think, early in this century, when I was still unappreciatively in my late sixties. At least once I did the first two peaks, but I was afraid to go down the little slope to look at where the trail to the third goes steeply down.
Another time up, I did the second and third peaks, astonished to find that I didn't even need to use the ropes down from the second to the saddle between it and the third, nor up, coming back.
I was determined to do the three peaks once in my lifetime. But what a difference a decade makes! I had no memory of how tough and scary even the first two peaks are. And I used those ropes! Anyway, I scratched one from my bucket list.
Hiking to the hike
First good view
First dike?
More rock
Two more peaks
Looking back at first peak
Peak3 ahead
Coming back
Ko`olau panorama
Heading out
Hole in the rock
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Topo map and GPS profiles
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