My Publications

Gradually "reviewing" them, briefly
Many of my papers contain (at least) one major booboo.

"Some comments on the study of ancient kana spelling," Phi Theta Papers, Vol ?, 1961, pp. ?
Among other things, I suggested reasons for a so-far unfavored reconstruction of Old Japanese, but when I presented my version of a reconstruction, somehow I forgot that there is no ???
"The derivation of certain Japanese nouns," Phi Theta Papers, Vol 8, Fall 1963, pp. 51-58
I attempt to present evidence by weight of 40 examples that many Japanese nouns derived from verbs by the attachment of a suffix "-a" to the verb root. One of my examples was "kura" = "store house," which I supposed derived from "kur-" = "to dig" and had a semantic history similar to that of Eng. "go-down," imagining the latter to be some kind of basement type storage place and that the Japanese version dated back to the pit dwellings. I never thought to check "go-down" in a dictionary and find out that there was no implication of digging in this word borrowed from ?Malaysian? ?"gudang"?.
"Toward the semantics of -te-i- attachment," JATJ, Vol ? No ?, ?, pp. 51-7.
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